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GSC Render Script For Poser (18.5kb)  [Download]
This script was made by Micaelus, full credit goes to him for the script:

I'm in no way taking credit for this wonderful script, all I have done is edit a couple of variables to suit units for Cossacks & American Conquest. All I did was change the rotate actor from the "ROTATE BALL" prop to the "Main Camera" that way the different directions are rotated by the main camera. I also changed the folder structure to suit the 9 different directions Cossacks & American Conquest uses and setup the camera rotations to suit the correct direction the camera should orbit (e.g. yOrbit)

What the script is used for:
When you make a unit for Cossacks or American Conquest, the unit needs to be rendered in 9 different directions, so in Poser when you render your unit, you need to manually change the camera yOrbit, render from that direction, then change the yOrbit again for the next direction and render that, and so on. This is done in 9 different directions, so as you can imagine it becomes quite tiresome, this script made by Micaelus automates this process by rotating the camera for each direction and rendering each frame to a folder automatically, which means you can run the script and continue on with other work, or go and have a beer and let the script handle it all for you.

How to use the script:
I have included a detailed readme in the .rar file.

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