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Tower upgrades at walls
Fallen_KNiGHT_ACDate: Sunday, 2011-09-25, 4:56 PM | Message # 1
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Because I am currently working on the walls for the S.A.M. mod, I have been analysing all the related wall files, I wanted to be able to have towers added to a section of wall you click on, exactly like when you want to build a gate you click on a section of wall and an icon appears which you click to build the gate, I wanted to have this for the towers, you click on a section of wall, click the build tower button and a tower appears in that section of wall, the main reason I wanted this was because the tower appears a lot neater because it is part of the wall, its not built next to it which makes it look out of place, and secondly it would mean that you could build the walls surround your city, and then go and add the towers to the sections you feel need the most protection. Not knowing if this was possible, but also knowing it could be possible because you can do so with the gates, well to my surprise when I analysed the WALLS.LST file I came across this:

TUR_WALL wall_tu 3 2 87 146 wall_tug 252 318 Vrt_Tur V_Lock V_Unlock NONE NONE
GATE_COST 1 STONE 350 TEXTURE 50 20 3 14 15 15


TUR_WALL - Refers to line in WALL_TU.MD, which finds the entry in WALLS.LST file
wall_tu -Name of wall GP file
3 -Stages of building
2 -Stages of building destroyed/decayed
dx 87
dy 146 -Position/coordinates of gate and the GP file name of gate, and the appearance of textured dirt
252 318 Vrt_Tur -Refers to the build gate icon and lists the coordinates of icon
V_Lock -Lock icon to close gate
V_Unlock -Unlock icon to open gate
GATE_COST 1 STONE 350 -Cost to build gate
TEXTURE 50 20 3 14 15 15 -Refers to the texture file
GATE_SOUND 1 ON_KATAPULT 7 ON_KATAPULT -Sound of gate opening and closing

So importantly:

At some stage the Cossacks development team had this feature in the game but decided to not include it in the final version for whatever reason, I just now have to workout what functions and parameters existed in this file to enable tower upgrades from the walls.

Heres the wall why I'm at it:
Andy1957Date: Saturday, 2013-04-06, 1:27 PM | Message # 2
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The Wall, Keep and Tower look Fantastic, the siege battles will be incredible. Keep ( no pun intended ) up the good work.
By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  cake .
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