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The main reason for this section is to preserve the articles that were written about Cossacks & American Conquest. As these games age, all too often the articles disappear, move, or sites shut down and you lose some good information on the games. Here I decided to archive some of these articles, the original link is still there, but if for some reason the site removes the article or closes at least it is archived here for future reference. If you know of any articles, please contact. 


General question article @
Original article/link:
General Questions

What is so special about Cossacks - European Wars ?
Endless fun by a range of long campaigns and extra scenarios. A true 3D-modelled landscape, that´s seriously affecting tactics and strategies. No less than 16 nations with their unique architectural styles, technologies and units. Not to forget titanic battles with up to 8000 units on one map. The economy system is complex but easy to handle and provides increased game balance, e.g. when iron and coal are used up as ammunition by artillery and warships. Civilian buildings and units can be taken over, so that a fierce guerillia war can be led behind the enemy borders for the first time. 

Doesn´t all this look like an Age of Kings clone? 
Besides the fact that we have 8000 instead of a few hundred units per game, true 3D terrain instead of stairs across the landscape, you will find 16 nations with unique graphical styles of their buildings instead of just 4 continental groups. The ships have 64 phases of animation, which is gorgiously looking and puts an end to zigzagging the seas. Animations like explosions with rubble thrown around and sudden fountains where cannon balls hit the water are showing the difference in graphical quality as well. 

In what historical timeframe is Cossacks - European Wars taking place? 
In Europe, 17th and 18th century, when wars did not cease for a minute. The most noteworthy are: Thirty Years War (1618-1648), the English revolution, the English and Dutch wars, the War for Spanish Succession, the Northern war, the War for Austrian Succession, the Seven Years War, the Ukrainian independence war (1648-1657), sea wars against caribic and mediterranean pirates. 

Are there fantasy or roll playing aspects ?
No, since its taking place in the Renaissance, dragons are replaced by ships of the line and fireball spells by howitzer thunder.

What is the scale of Cossacks - European Wars ? 
Four long campaigns: Thirty Years war, the caribbean sea war of England against Spain, the Netherlands and the pirates, the rise of Russia and the ukrainian war for independence, plus a smaller tutorial campaign to demonstrate the game´s rules. Ten additional scenarios are offering tricky strategic puzzles.

Where is Cossacks being developed?
In the Ukraine, by GSC. 

Am I able to buy Cossacks - European Wars in my country? 
Yes, surely. CDV distributes Cossacks world wide. 

In which languages will the game be issued? 
By now it is planned to include german, english, french, spanish and russian, but more are to be prepared. 

Can I try the game before I buy it? 
Yes, just download the demo here! More information can be found at Thanks to!

Can I order Cossacks by P.O.D. ?
Unfortunately, the only way you can order Cossacks from foreign countries, is via credit card.

American Conquest:

American Conquest tech Depot Unit information list
Original article/link:
To view the information list click here

Interview with Anton Bolshakov about upcoming RTS “American Conquest” (by Daily Telefrag) game, part 1
Original article/link:
Page 1
By: Yevgeniy Maleev

Project American Conquest by Ukrainian development company GSC game World brought a lot of attention RTS games fun community even before it get on stores shelves. One of reason of this, that AC has a relation to original game “Cossacks” developed by the same company where on battlefield was not 20 or 100 units, but thousands. Cossacks gave to players opportunity to have a real battle and on the same time how small role of one single soldiers formation in success of whole campain. Not wonder that Cossacks had so big success in Europe, where game got the best RTS game of Year 2001. But overseas project wasn’t so popular.
But project has a lot of perspectives and developers decided not to loose full of money North American market. This is understandable. What why in short period of time we got information from GSC Game World about starting of new project that took from original game concept of large scale game and which will be interesting to American players for sure. New project has to bring players in one of the interesting military times of World History – time of American Conquest.
Historical campaigns in this game has a time period more than 300 years, starts from the first European settlers on American continent and brutal wars with natives Americans and finish by time of Civil War (??? My comment, RUSAM). Game will be published by the end of this year, so we don’t have to wait for too long. But for right now we have interview with Vice Director GSC Game World and manager of “American Conquest” project – Anton Bolshakov. 

DTF: Good day, Anton. Please introduce yourself and tell to our readers what you do in GSC Game World.
AB: Hi everybody, I’m Anton Bolshakov - Vice Director GSC Game World. My position in AC project – Project Manager.

DTF: Please tell us briefly about AC project and why after “Cossacks” you decided to do this particular project? 
AB: AC game – this is Historical RTS which offers to players to go on lands of New World and participate in events of 300 years history American Continent. Game looks a like a previous sequel “Cossacks” because we trying to give players ability to be a participant of this historical events with scale no one RTS game couldn’t offer before. But in this game is different place, new features, improved game engine and etc. It’s means formally this is not a “Cossacks”
Why we start work on theme of conquest of America? Answer is simple. “Cossacks” wasn’t successful in N. America and this is a logical step in getting of N. American market. But this is not means that we developed “Cossacks in America”. Project has a lot of new features and brand new game-play. We preparing a real serious quotation to be a leaders in RTS genre.

DTF: Anton, please explain why GSC has so much attention to large scale historical battles? “Cossacks” from the beginning, two add-ons and now New World … What is next?
AB: I think, because for the last 8 years of history of RTS genre when limit of units wasn’t 50-100 on each side. This kind of game-play has a lot of problems and basely consists of killing of one small formation after another until resources are over. The last drop was Age of Empires. AOE game info reads that game is about battle between Empires, but on our opinion that is to far from Empires in real meaning of this word. The best way how you can describe what you see on a screen was a skirmish between villages. And this is story of how idea to show real historical events and give opportunity to players to have a large scale of this event in game was born. But the events of “Cossacks 2” will be back on European soils in time period of Napoleonic’s wars.

DTF: What a different between AC engine and previous one used for “Cossacks”
AB: Game engine for AC was redone about of 70%. Changes done for graphics, AI, algorithms for found of way of movements, game physics, internet coding and many other things.
We continue to use 3D for landscape and “spraight” (2D??? ) graphics. We think that on present time this technology allowed to have a maximum details and nice screens compare with games based only on 3D.
A big step ahead is a possibility to paste together eight textures together on each triangle – for the first time game screens reached real photo like details. 
Quality and smoothness’ units animation reached ideal – units has up to 10 different types of animation in 64 directions. We have possibility to zoom game screen. We design a new AI based on not straight logic algorithms. For example, AI opponents can attack with all types of troops, can find a soft spots in defense, capture and defense buildings, use a different tactics combines different type of troops.
We implemented a special calculation for trajectory of bullets and cannon balls. For example trajectory of each cannon ball calculation based on landscape elevations and other factors, cannon ball can ricochet and kill several rows of soldiers in formation, also friendly fire can kill any soldiers on line of fire and many, many more. 

DTF: 16 thousands units, 30X20 screens… this is a lot! But we know, that the best enemy of good. Do you afraid that the new player could get lost easy on so huge scale?
AB: No, big quantity of units not a straight forward means of screw-up. It’s means practically unlimited tactical and strategic possibilities. Also we done a lot of improvements to avoid mess and make control of units convenient as possible. In game we using system of formations – 3 types for infantry, 3 for cavalry and several for artillery, formations will give to player some advantages. We are trying to encourage players to step up from operation of individual units to operations of big formations. Also game has ability to zoom out 4 times (4X). With this feature player can see battlefield like in bird fly, with total view of 16 normal screens. With this feature player can see a battle like from a top of mountain. Also in this mode player still can operate troops like in normal conditions.
We remember about new players and designed single player campaigns based on concept “ from easy to hard”. Every new player will fill comfortable learning how and what to do from the start. First from the five campaigns will be tutorial. Level of Difficulty will be increase slowly until player can play a big battles using all knowledge and possibilities of game in last campaign. 

DTF: What about resources in AC? How many resources will be in game and how you operate resources? 
AB: Total 6 types of resources in game, the same like in “Cossacks” – wood, food, gold, stone, iron and coal. Resources, like it was before, need for building construction (everything, except food), upgrades (everything), up-keep of units (food & gold) and firepower (iron and coal). As in Cossacks resources unlimited. Different is only that system of resources for different nations are different. For example some of Native’s nations can’t built mines, in result they have to exchange some resources only with Europeans.

Interview with Anton Bolshakov about upcoming RTS “American Conquest” (by Daily Telefrag) game, part 2
Original article/link:
DTF: Game FAQ stated that each of 12 nations will have different economy and technology development. Give us some examples how is going to be implemented in game?
AB: We had complaints from “Cossacks” players, that in previous game nations were “looks a like each other”, in AC each nations will be completely different. Europeans and Natives nations will have the biggest difference. They have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT units, upgrades, buildings, available resources, strategy and tactic. This is not hard to understand and explain, on this time period it was opposition of two different cultures – natives had more population and used bonus of home-land, but Europeans more advanced in technology, better organized and had better arms.
It will be different between nations with the same culture. For example, each European nation will have almost all-unique units, some differences in economy and technology, different cost of upgrades, different bonuses in upgrades. The same will be for Natives nations. For example, Indians Ciy will not do farming and getting food by hunting. Only one this feature has a big difference in a game play, right from the beginning. Also Ciy has a shelter type of dwellings, compare with May’s permanent type.

DTF: How much time going to take campaigns in American Conquest?
AB: Total in game 5 campaigns consists of 42 missions. Also we have 12 single-player missions, separate from campaigns. Average player will spend approximately about 50 to 60 hours.

>>Part two: Diplomacy, political leaders, new tactic and much more>>

DTF: Game FAQ says that diplomacy and military actions will have a big role in AC. I understand about military portion, this is a RTS game, but what about diplomacy, can you describe it more spesific?
AB: Players who will be extensively use of diplomacy in game, will have a lot of advantages on battlefield. Maps in single and multi-player will not be anymore just a dead land with only trees, shrubs and vegetation. Maps will be filled with ruins of old civilizations, some buildings can be use by players, caves and ruins where player can found treasures, neutral nations. Players will be able keep diplomatic relations with neutral nations. After establishing of diplomatic relations players can have this nations military support in exchange for resources, signed agreements to declare war to other nations, use scouts, pay more to leader of this tribe for changing sides in war, etc. Neutral tribes could play a big role in game, this feature opens possibility to have realistic atmosphere times of conquest of New World and give interesting to game-play.
Players also can exchange resources with each other.

DTF: What role political leaders will have in game and how they will be represented in game?
AB: Historical heroes will be implemented in single player campaigns and during play of this campaigns players will learn about this people and there role in history of New World. As I sad before, players will be able to play Christopher Columbus campaign, Pizzaro campaign, Tekymse wars, Seven years War and finished this historical trip in 1813 during USA War for Independence.
Historical battles will be represents by: Siege of Tenochtilana (spell?) (Spring of 1521), Gyan (spell?) River battle (February 1525), Mononghail (spell?) River battle, battles of Lexington and Concord, Sarratoga battle, Yorktown battle ( October 1781).

DTF: You also talking about more important role of battlefield tactic (in AC) compare with “Cossacks”. What you can tell about it?
AB: We implemented in game morale and experience factors for troops. History knows a lot of instances when troops with high morale defeated enemies who has more soldiers. In AC morale became most important part of each unit, based on level of morale depends if this troops will fight to the last soldier or retreat from battlefield. Experienced player can use morale for superiority on battlefield and have a lot of brilliant victories.
Moral will be less: when formation lost some units, officer or flag will be killed, flank and behind the lines attacks and cannon fire and much more factors. Morale will be higher: experienced soldiers, officer and flag in formation, other your nation troops close to formation, when enemy are retreating, troops close to home base and other factors.
Players will have some tactical advantages using formations, new for AC is a several types of attack and combinations off different types of troops, for example musketeers and pikemen.

DTF: Is walls across the map still going to be represented in AC, when units can not shoot across a wall? Or new game will be free from this problem?
AB: It’s not going to be walls in AC at all, because right now you can place troops inside of buildings and defense them. In this game players will not be longer concentrate on walls building, rather they will be build defensive structures – fort, fortresses, log cabins, etc. This will allowed players to have very effective control of all his properties. Units placed inside will have defense bonus and will be fired in to attacking opponent troops. Rate of fire depends of quantity of units inside, and what kind of units will be used. For example if you place “unskilled” units for building defense (peasants for instance), they will have less attack rate. The best units for defense will be a musket units.

DTF: When units already inside for defense of buildings, how in this case you can capture this building?
AB: You can capture building different ways. First of all you can shoot out all defensemen, but in this case you will have a big casualties because units inside well protected. Secondary you can attack hand to hand with cold steel weapons. Also building can be destroyed with artillery or fire arrows. Ability to defense buildings completely changes tactic of offence and defense of towns. Right now you have a real street fight, you have to attack every building, parts of town can be captured and re-captured several times.

DTF: You says that soldiers in AC will have battle experience. How this feature will effect a gameplay.
AB: First – this is a bonus on parameters. Second- this is increase of morale. Right now veteran soldiers – not the simple cannon fodder in general hands, but very valuable resource, you have to use this resource for real things and not for small skirmishes. Veterans also will keep morale of new, without battle experience, soldiers.

DTF: Just recently was information about AC beta test. How many bugs you fixed after the test? Can you give us a couple of examples of good finds you got from beta testing?
AB: About open beta test, we only taking applications from players who would like to participate. We still preparing version of game for beta testing. On the same time we doing testing in players clubs, where we usually can get a good opinion about how game will feet to new and average players. Such testing allowed understanding what is a hard to learn and understand in new game. This is very important for us because during development process we learn a game play so well that we can lost a barrier of difficulty and game could became to hard to play.
We done a lot of changes based on such testing, most of them for convenience of new players. For example- indication of type of resource in mine, indications of color of player to whom belongs this building, quantity of units defended building, plus we added the first tutorial campaign where all basics are explained, etc.

DTF: What a system requirements for AC as for today?
Minimum system requirements is: Pentium II 450, 64 MB any video card. Recommended P III 1000, 128 MB, with such system you shouldn’t have a problems with game speed with any screen resolution and any quantities of units.
DTF: We will see a demo or only already complete game?
AB: We planning release of demo by the end of September.

DTF: Thank you Anton, for interesting answers! We will can’t wait for demo version of American Conquest.
Spent almost 6 hours to translate and type it

Informative Interview from Doupe for newcomers
Original article/link:
O.J. is from GSC.

Creators of Cossacks: European Wars, Kiev-based development studio GSC Game World, are working on another historical RTS for all the fans of strategy genre. This time you`ll conquer the New World itself - from the conflicts between native Americans and European conquerors to the famous battles of the War for Independence.
Creators of Cossacks: European Wars, Kiev-based development studio GSC Game World, are working on another historical RTS for all the fans of strategy genre. This time you'll conquer the New World itself - from the conflicts between native Americans and European conquerors to the famous battles of the War for Independence. 

Doup¨§: In what basic features will American Conquest differ from other games of this genre? 
Oleg V. Javorsky: 16 000 in battle, 14 different nations ¨C Great Britain, France, Spain, the USA, the Netherlands, Portugals, Aztecs, Incas, Maya, Pueblos, Delawares, Hurons, Sioux, Iroquians with their own unique units and architecture, highly detailed unit animations, powerful engine, strong historical component of the game and more should make this game stand out. 

Doup¨§: Your game includes period from the discovery of the New World to the birth of the USA. Are the misions going to be historically accurate, based on real events? 
O.J.: Naturally, this is what we are up to ¨C make a game as historically accurate as possible. We¡¯ll be paying a greater attention to history than in Cossacks, so that players could learn even more from the game. We¡¯ll go all the way from Columbus¡¯s landing on American continent and up to forming of the USA ¨C that¡¯s about 300 years of history. Still, we are not up to making an American history textbook, it¡¯s a game and some historical facts may be omitted for the sake of gaming component. 

Doup¨§: What materials will player have to collect? 
O.J.: The set of resources will be somewhat similar to that in Cossacks, but will have its own peculiarities. Firstly, the game nations will represent two major camps, so to speak: European nations forming the one camp and Native Americans shaping the other one. Evidently these two will have a bit different set of resources. Moreover, each of the branches will have their own deviations. 

Doup¨§: Will there be slaves? 
O.J.: No slaves are planned. We are likely to have working civilians, rather than slaves in American Conquest. 

Doup¨§: What kinds of buildings and units will it be possible to build? 
O.J.: With American Conquest we shifted a bit from the Cossacks-style building principle, where you need to build up your encampment around, occupying a vast space of territory. Here you will have one major building ¨C a fortress or a fort and several small auxiliary premises nearby. That is in fort or fortress that the major important military and scientific buildings are erected, units are trained and upgrades are carried out. The new system introduces not only visual difference, but also serves to change game tactics and strategy ¨C from street fighting to fortress seige and defence. Another difference is that units now will be able to enter any building and defend it. Each of the nations has its unique architectural style. 
Among civilians you will have peasants, clergymen by European and shamans by Indian nations. Military units are represented bby all kinds of troops ¨C infantry, cavalry, artillery and navy. Virtually all units in every nation are unique. 

Doup¨§: What are the differences between particular civilizations? Do they have their advantages and disadvantages, special units or buildings? 
O.J.: Each of the nations will have their own unique architecture and unique units, its own game advantages and flaws. Here you will find both visual and gaming difference more striking than in Cossacks. Now it is not only that each nation has its unique style of architecture, but also the armed forces include nearly all units unique. There are differences in economic and scientific systems, as in European, so as in Native American nations. For example, despite Europeans had a similar structure of armed forces, with pikemen, musketeers and cavalry forming their base, we made units for each nation unique. Their uniform corresponds to that worn by soldiers of that country ¨C now you will easily distinguish of Spanish and English musketeer, for instance, and use their peculiarities in different game situations. 
But the biggest difference will be felt between European and Indian nations, for these are two absolutely different cultures ¨C old and new world. If much of Europeans is recognizable and known ¨C architecture, set of troops and technological achievements, the game for Indian nations will bring in much of a new experience. Native American nations will have different economic systems with different set of resources, different set of troops, as well as unique upgrade systems. For instance, Delawares, Hurons, Sioux and Iroquians procure wood, stone, food, furs and have two other resources ¨C metal and gunpowder, which can be purchased only from a European nation, while Pueblos have only three resources ¨C wood, stone and food. Unlike European priest, who can only heal warriors and attract neutral Indian tribes, Sioux shaman can fight, heal, increase warrior strength for a certain time, increase crops, morale and reveal a fog-of-war-hidden area. 
In fact the differences are two numerous to squeeze them into one interview. I¡¯d like it is going to be interesting to play for every nation. 

Doup¨§: I've read that battles can take in more than 16000 units. But what about the hardware requirements? 
O.J.: Yes, the unit limit is high enough to enable staging historical battles in their real scope. To play the game with 2-3 different nations participating under a good speed a computer of P3-500 and 128 Mb RAM would be just enough. To play under maximal settings and number of nations at a good speed you will need P3-800 and 256 Mb RAM. 

Doup¨§: How many missions/scenarios are there in American Conquest? 
O.J.: There will be 12 single missions, 6 historical battles, such as Battle of Lexington, Battle of Concord, Battle of Saratoga and more, as well as 4§ç campaigns as follows: 
1. Pizarro¡¯s expedition against Incas 
Campaign is dedicated to the Spanish conquest of one of the biggest empires of the South America, the Inca state. 
2. Wars of Tecumseh 
The campaign is dedicated to uprising of the Native Americans under command of Tecumseh, his struggle against European colonization of America, attempt to unify all tribes and create Indian confederation. 
3. Seven Years¡¯ War 
Campaign is dedicated to colonial struggles between Great Britain and France. Players may opt to play either for England or France. 
4. War of Independence 
The campaign is dedicated to creation of the new state of the USA and its struggle for independence. 
Missions are going to be more dynamic, than in Cossacks, with a more thoroughly worked story line. Among the innovations experience for troops, possibility to transport troops from mission to mission could be stressed. Despite the rigid structure of buildings, part of the data in each mission will be generated randomly, be it location of neutral or hostile tribes, or treasure-bearing caves. This will increase replayability making it interesting to play the same mission for several times. Also, you¡¯ll be able to play each of the campaigns for both one and another party. 

Doup¨§: Are you planning any other games based on the improved Cossacks: European Wars engine? 
O.J.: Nothing of what we can disclose now 

GSC Miscellaneous:

Original American Civil War game screenshots
I finally found my collection of screenshots of the original American Civil war game that GSC started to develop (this would later be completed by Revolution Strategy) it gives a good insight on where the game was headed and some of the features that never made the final game. Luckily I backed up all my files many years ago and I found the CD with the screens:

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