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The Sword & Arrow: European Wars Mod (or S.A.M.), is a community based, not for profit, free for everyone mod. The mod encompasses the period in Europe between early 1100AD to mid 1400AD. We have tried to be as historically accurate as possible, but as with every game not everything can be completely accurate because at the end of the day you don't want to sacrifice good, fun & exciting game-play because of a few minor historically inaccuracies. Keeping intact a lot of the original American Conquest features, up to 16,000 units on the map allows for spectacular battles and using "L mode" (zoom in and out of the map) allows for greater control of units. Formations will play a vital role in successful battlefield tactics and utilizing the original American Conquest morale system successful battlefield tactics are further underlined. The use of town defenses is equally important as battlefield tactics, positioning of castles and towers is important, as when such structures are built on elevated terrain their attack range is increased, units can also be garrisoned in castles and towers further increasing the buildings attack and defense. Inflation will also play a factor in the mod, every building that you build will become more expensive to build than the first one, this will apply particularly to castles and towers to avoid annoying opponents building too many castles & towers, although it can be done if you can manage your economy well. Upgrades will also play a role in the game with every military unit able to have defense and armour upgraded to increase attack and defense and for the archery & siege units their range. Every unit depletes a certain amount of food from your resources, always make sure you have enough food to support your population otherwise you will have a famine and units will start dying. The building of mills and upgrades influence this. Archery units such as longbow men, archers and crossbow men deplete wood and iron each time they fire an arrow or crossbow bolt so keep in check these resources, if you run out they will only be able to use melee attack which is quite weak.

Features of the mod:
- Resources:
There are five resources you can collect to pay for your military & economic achievements Food, Wood, Gold, Iron, Coal, which is gathered by peasants.
- Depleteable resources: Food, gold, iron, coal and wood are not only required to create new units, it is also required to sustain them, e.g. every living unit depletes food, an archer or crossbowman that fires an arrow or bolt depletes wood and iron, this adds a touch of realism to the game.
- Garrisonable buildings: Units can be garrisoned in buildings, increasing attack and defense of the building allowing for greater defense of towns and structures.
- Capture ability: Buildings and some units can be captured and are automatically converted to your control and national color.
- Advanced Start options: This includes: Full Research (every upgrade is fully researched so you start the game with every upgrade already done).
- Nation uniqueness: Each nation has its own unique building architecture, its own coat of arms, building & technology bonuses and each nation has its own unique unit available only to that particular nation.
- Mutineer: Mercenaries and ship units will mutineer and turn against you if you run out of gold.
- Terrain range increase: Placing buildings or units on elevated terrain increases that building or units firing distance, the higher you go the further it can fire.
- Upgrades: Military and economic upgrades are available in the game, upgrading units armour & weapons increases attack and defense, researching accuracy increases a projectiles accuracy etc.
- Formations: Each unit can form a battle formation, such as square, line, box, wedge, each formation can consist of various sizes. A commander, flag bearer and a drummer are required to create a formation. A formation will have an increased attack, defense and morale.
- Morale system: Each unit has a morale factor, if there is a large amount of deaths nearby a unit, those units will rout and flee the battlefield. Having units in a  formation with a commander, flag bearer and drummer will increase morale of the units in that formation and lessen the chance of the units routing.
- Inflation: Buildings & some units cost prices go up the more you build.

Fallen_KNiGHT_AC (Artist/Animations/Buildings/Coding)
OSS (Artist/Animations/Coding)
[hwk]poppen Coding)
Sven Dannart (Artist/Buildings). Check out his awesome work:
Paul Bury (Artist/Buildings). Check out his awesome work:


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