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Each nation features unique architecture, units, upgrades and strengths & weaknesses. Below is the list of nations available in the mod:



Map of England

The English benefit in the mod by having a reasonable economy and excellent unit upgrades. The English unique unit is the Longbowman. They also lay claim to having good mercenary units such as Scottish, Irish & Welsh units. Their naval power is also quite strong. They are a very good defensive nation, as testament to the many battle victories against the French during the Hundred Years War in which they fought mostly in defensive formations, e.g. Crecy (1346), Poitiers (1356), Agincourt (1415) etc. and this is reflected in gameplay.
England's units & buildings:
Military Units
Non Military Units
Military Buildings
Non Military Buildings

England's unique unit, the Longbowman


Map of France

Currently no information
France's units & buildings:
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Holy Roman Empire

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