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Welcome to the Sword & Arrow: European Wars Website!
Also known as S.A.M. for short, the mod is medieval based encompassing the period in Europe between mid 1000 A.D. to late 1400 A.D. It uses the dmcr engine, which games includes Cossacks & American Conquest. For more information on the mod please click "Introduction" in the left menu.

30th March 2013
Walls, Keep & Tower
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
This is the Walls, Keep and the Tower for the mod. Units can be garrisoned inside the Keep and Tower, this gives an arrow attack bonus for every unit garrisoned, there are limits to how many units can be garrisoned in each of the buildings. Those familiar with Cossacks : European Wars will remember that when a wall is built a gate can be built, this is done by clicking on a section of wall, this will be the same in the mod. You will also be able to do the same with Towers, if you click a section of wall a Tower can be built, there will be strict limits on how many Towers can be built for a section of wall, this limits players to just building one section of Towers, Towers can also be free standing built, such as the one in the screenshot. Keeps and Towers can be captured by storming them, just like in American Conquest.

11th January 2012
Catapult animations
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
Well after having a short break from modding I am back into it again, this is the Catapult animation, I couldn't make a.gif because there are too many frames so I have uploaded the animation to YouTube and ModDB:

11th September 2011
English Sergeant animations
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
These are the English Sergeant animations, I think they turned out really well, I am very happy with them.
Attack: Walk:
Lowering/Prepare to attack: Lowered walk/prepare to attack walk:

7th September 2011
England's Flag/Coat of arms
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
These two flags will appear on top of the Keep, they will blow gently in the wind.
Coat of arms: St George:

28th August 2011
English Knight
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
Just a small update, I thought I would post the English Knight animations.
Attack: Idle/Rest: Death: Run:

6th June 2011
English Pikeman
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
I thought it had been a while since an update on the mod was posted, here I have uploaded the English Pikeman unit with all the animations, I am still thinking of changing the coat of arms on the shirt to the 3 lions as used later by the English royals, but until I pack them and view in GP Viewer I am unsure if you would even be able to see it in the game so I am unsure on this. Another option with this unit I am considering is whether to enable sword attack as well, this would allow the Pikeman unit to be strong against cavalry when using the Pike weapon but weak when using the sword weapon, the bonus would be attack against other infantry units using swords.
Walking: Death: Lowering Pike
Walking with Pike lowered: Attacking:

15th May 2011
Original American Civil War screens
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
I finally found my collection of screenshots of the original American Civil war game that GSC started to develop (this would later be completed by Revolution Strategy) it gives a good insight on where the game was headed and some of the features that never made the final game. You can view the screens in the Articles Archive section.
10th May 2011
Idea Implementation section now up
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC  
The idea & implementation section lists all the ideas that the mod should feature, because the mod is for the community to enjoy, it is always important to get feedback and suggestions on what the mod should and should not feature, please check it out and share your thoughts on the forums. You can see the Idea & Implementation page here.
8th May 2011
Buildings preview
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
Here is a preview of some of England's military buildings that are available in the mod:
Stable (yes the horses will be animated in the game): Barracks:
Siege Workshop: Archery Range:

19th March 2011
First unit!
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
Enter the English Longbowman! I am proud to announce the Sword & Arrow mod first unit in the game, the English Longbowman, I am very happy with how the unit turned out, I am also liking how the national color is displayed; reds, oranges, teal, browns, looks really good on the unit! Fellow modder OSS is going to make the MD file for the unit. He is going to make it so the arrows trajectory looks realistic in its flight path, so it will curve up in the air as it comes down. Below are some screens of the Longbowman:
An assortment of color: Taking casualties: Liking those colors:
Anyone need some arrows: Ouch: Ambushed:
Feeling the heat: The ambush worked: Enemy trying to regroup:

18th March 2011
Forums online
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
The forums are now up and running, head over there and signup!
18th March 2011
Modding section up
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
I have now opened up the modding section on the site, although it is not complete yet, it provides some useful information and tools to help you mod Cossacks or American Conquest, I have a whole heap of tutorials and information I still need to upload when I get some spare time. Click here to go to the Modding page.
15th March 2011
Longbow complete!
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC
Well after a fair bit of fiddling around the English Longbowman is now complete. Now it is just a matter of rendering the unit to the right size and placing it in the game. Some of the animations are below:
Firing: Going for a stroll: Taking one for the team:
Stabbing with his poking thing: Beginning to hammer his defensive stakes into the ground: Hitting those stakes nice and hard:

15th February 2011
New tool uploaded GSC File Lister v1.0
Posted by Fallen_KNiGHT_AC Although this site is not quite ready I thought I would post some small news up. When you are modding Cossacks or American Conquest it has become apparent to me that listing all the .bmp file names for your animation gp's is tedious to say the least, so I decided to make a small batch file to resolve this issue and make it automated, with this tool, which I have named GSC File Lister v1.0 all you need to do is right click the folder with all your .bmp's in it and click the menu to create the .lst file with all the .bmp file names in it. You can download the file here.

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