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About the dmcr game engine

The dmcr engine was created by GSC Game World of Ukraine for its first developed game Cossacks: European Wars. It has a number of games based off it, these include, the Cossacks series (Cossacks: European Wars, Cossacks: The Art of War, Cossacks: Back to War) and the American Conquest series (American Conquest, American Conquest: Fight Back and American Conquest: Divided Nation, although Divided Nation was not developed by GSC Game World, but still uses the dmcr v2.0 engine, Divided Nation was developed by Revolution Strategy).

The dmcr engine is 2D based. The engine handles units as 2D sprites in the game and this is largely what allows the game to feature up to 16,000 units on the map at once. Remarkably the engine still uses a 3D system for terrain with spectacular results. The engine uses an isometric view to display units, buildings and terrain.

The American Conquest version of the engine (dmcr v2.0) was heavily reworked off the original Cossacks version (dmcr v1.0) and has added features such as zoom mode ("L mode") where you can zoom out for the map and have a birds eye view of the battlefield, making controlling battle formations more convenient. Another added feature is the morale system which adds morale to each unit, during a battle or skirmish, if surrounding units of the same side are suddenly killed in large numbers, other units will rout and beginning to run from the battlefield and it can be some time before you can regain control of routing units. Having a battle formation with an officer, drummer & flag bearer increases morale and can be a very big component of military success with its influence on unit morale. Morale is also increased with unit victories, if troops begin to kill enemy units in large numbers their attack value increases. This is known as an experience increase. The unit has more experience in battles and therefore has better morale characteristics as opposed to a fresh unit with no battle experience. Dmcr v2.0 also uses a different palette to dmrc v1.0, units &  buildings also appear larger with dmcr v2.0.

Development credits for American Conquest:
Company 1: GSC; Producer: Sergiy Grygorovych; Director: Sergiy Grygorovych; Project Manager: Anton Bolshakov; Assistant Producer: Eugene Grygorovych; Lead Programmer: Andrey Shpagin; AI Programmer: Vitaly Lysenko; Editor Programmer: Ruslan Shestopalyuk; Tool Programmer: Sergey Ivantsov; Online Game Design: Alexey Sytyanov; Lead Artist: Andrey Zavolokin; Artist: Dmitry Zenin, Andrey Zenin, Andrey Litvinenko, Sergrey Zavolokin, Nadja Babaryka, Roma Nesin; Painter: Ivan Khivrenko; Sound Engineer: Ilya Ivashchenko; Composer: Dima, Dmitry Dyachenko, Dmitry Kuzmenko; Mission Designer: Alexander Lazar, Dima Drokin, Serguei Chernyavsky, Serguei Salnikov, Sergey Deshko, Viktor Levchenko, Vitaly Lysenko, Alex Dragon; Localization Manager: Oleg Yavorsky; PR: Oleg Yavorsky, Mykola Demchenko; Customer Support: Mykola Demchenko; Lead Quality Assurance: Serguei Salnikov; Tester: Oleg Nartsev, Alexander Chuchkevich.

Company 2: CDV; Development Director: Dirk Weber; Producer: Mario Gerhold; Product Coordinator: Jochen von Nida; Localization Manager: Thomas Kroell, Sebastian Lindig, Oliver Silski; Senior Quality Assurance Manager: Peter Oehler; Quality Assurance Manager: Thomas Heil, David Green; Lead Tester: Stefan Hertrich, André Dordel; Editor: Mur Lafferty; Quality Assurance Technical Advisor: Thomas Steg; Tester: Güven Altun, Frank Heim, Aleksandar Opatic, Pascal Renschler, Daniel Schömperlen, Stefan Schreiber, Christian Treiling, Torsten Weinstein, Thomas Heilbronner, Sebastian Merkel, Eric Schreiber, Johannes Hauer, David Spak, Karin Daiss; Marketing Director: Anita Gallitzendörfer; Marketing Manager: Randy Dohack; Senior Graphic Designer: A. Adrian Alonso; Graphic Designer: Christina Gorenflo; UK Marketing Manager: Leo Zullo; PR Director: Eric Standop; PR Manager UK: Anita Rodic; PR Manager US: Wendy Beasley; PR Manager: Milene Rijcken.


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