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GSC File Information

LST files

LST files contain specific information relating to a certain function or feature, they can contain lists of file names, unit names, nation names etc. for when the game launches it will seek these files to load all the relevant data.

Below is a list of the major .LST files that you will come across when modding the game.

- ANIMATIONS.LST I believe this is for the waterfall or running water animations, POTOK 5 refers to the "POTOK.GP" file, and "5" refers to the 5 animations this GP file contains.

- COMPLEX.LST Contains all the information for the field/maize animations which refers to the KUK.GP file.

- CONST.LST Lists the various fonts, textures, logos for the different in game menus.

- FILELIST.LST is the master list of every file that is found in the All.GSC file. You must add any new files to this list for your mod to work, taking note that you must include the "folder name\" if the new files are in a  folder e.g. Sound\VsadnikSmert3.wav

- HOLELIST.LST refers to the mines, I have no idea what the numbers mean, I don't think you would ever need to mod this file anyway.

- MEAT.LST unknown, it may have something to do with trees cutdown rate (trees to generate, American Conquest does not use this feature, in Cossacks trees would be cut down and the animation would show a tree stump). It may also refer to the rate in which animals decay after they are killed and meat is collected?

- NATIONS.LST contains all the nations that are available in the game, it tells the game how many nations are in the game and which .NDS file belongs to which nation.

Below is what the NATIONS.LST file looks like and what it all means:

MAY Maya MAY.NDS #TX 143 137 (MA) (MA)
SPAIN Spain SPAIN.NDS #TX 143 137 (SP) (SP)
ENGLAND Britain ENGLAND.NDS #TX 143 137 (EN) (EN)
NEW New NEW.NDS #TX 143 137 (NW) (NW)
IROKEZ Iroquoians IROKEZ.NDS #TX 143 137 (IR) (IR)
INCAS Incas INCAS.NDS #TX 143 137 (IN) (IN)
FRANCE France FRANCE.NDS #TX 143 137 (FR) (FR)
DELAVAR Delawares DELAVAR.NDS #TX 143 137 (DE) (DE)
HURONI Hurons HURONI.NDS #TX 143 137 (HU) (HU)
USA TheUSA USA.NDS #TX 143 137 (US) (US)
PUEBLO Pueblos PUEBLO.NDS #TX 143 137 (PU) (PU)
SIU Sioux SIU.NDS #TX 143 137 (SI) (SI)
ACTEC Aztecs ACTEC.NDS #TX 143 137 (AC) (AC)
NEUTRAL Neutral NEUTRAL.NDS #TX 143 137 (NE) (NE)
TESCOCO Tescoco TESCOCO.NDS #TX 143 137 (TE) (TE)
HAIDA Haida HAIDA.NDS #TX 143 137 (HA) (HA)
RUSSIA Russia RUSSIA.NDS #TX 143 137 (RU) (RU)
GERMANY Germany GERMANY.NDS #TX 143 137 (GE) (GE)
HOLAND Holand HOLAND.NDS #TX 143 137 (HO) (HO)
PORTUGAL Portugal PORTUGAL.NDS #TX 143 137 (PO) (PO)

- The first entry "20" refers to 20 nations.
- The next entry "MAY" is the name the game refers to
- The next entry "Maya" is the name that appears in the game, such as when you click on a unit it will display the unit as "Maya" or when you are setting up a new game and you select a nation from the drop down box, the name appears there.
- The next entry "MAY.NDS" refers to the Maya nation file, which is the MAY.NDS.
- The "#TX 143 137" entry I am unsure on, but I don't think it is important when modding the game.
- The "(MA) (MA)" is the abbreviation that the nation uses. The reason there is two (MA) (MA) is because in Cossacks the nations used an Uppercase and Lowercase abbreviation such as "(fr) (FR)" I'm not sure why they are both uppercase in American Conquest?

- ORD_GROUPS.LST is the list of formations available (refer ORDERS.LST) and which groups they belong in (line, box, wedge etc.)

Below is the ORD_GROUPS.LST example:

LINE 3 0 1 2 5 #LINE15 #LINE36 #LINE72 #LINE120 #LINE196
KARE 3 0 1 2 5 #KARE15 #KARE36 #KARE72 #KARE120 #KARE196
PRUS 3 3 4 5 3 #PRUS3 #PRUS2 #PRUS 
TRI 3 3 4 5 3 #TRI3 #TRI2 #TRI 
SHER 3 3 4 5 3 #SHER3 #SHER2 #SHER 
PRUS2 3 6 7 8 3 #PRUS03 #PRUS02 #PRUS0 
TRI2 3 6 7 8 3 #TRI03 #TRI02 #TRI0 
SHER2 3 6 7 8 3 #SHER03 #SHER02 #SHER0 

- The "9" states that there are 9 different groups of formations in this file
- "LINE" is the group name
- "3" refers to?
- "0" refers to?
- "1" refers to?
- "2" refers to?
- "5" refers to how many formations form part of this group.
- "#LINE15" refers to which entry to use from the ORDERS.LST file or this formation.

- ORDERS.LST is the formation description file, this file contains all the formation parameters such as the formation style/shape (what it will look like), the formation size (how many men are required for this formation), it also lists what benefits the particular formation benefits from such attack, defense, morale bonuses and so on.
Below is an example of the ORDERS.LST

#TRI SYM2 95 -10 -19 9 1 2
 C C 








This is obviously the "wedge" formation that the Calvary use in the game, the asterix's (*) show the game engine how to arrange each "rank" or line of troops to form this formation. The "#TRI" is the name of this formation (this is searched for by the entries in the "ORD_GROUPS.LST" file), the "95" is how many men can fit in this formation. "#END" finishes the entry for this formation. You must have a "#END" at the end of each formation entry.

- STONLIST.LST contains the list of all the stones that are available in the editor.

- TEXTURES.LST contains the list of all the textures that are available in the editor.

- TREELIST.LST contains the list of all the trees that are available in the editor.

All Graphic Pack (.GP) files contain a .LST file, this list file contains all the frame names/numbered and is essential for the animation/graphic to work. Refer to the .GP files section here.


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