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Modding Tools

MD PiX (187kb) [Download]
When you create a new building you have to assign special effects to this building such as where fire and smoke appears from when the building is damaged, and also where a cannon ball and smoke will appear from when the building fires. You also need to assign where peasants will go when they construct the buildings, you also need to assign "block points" which is the area that the building takes up on the map where no unit can pass through it and has to walk around. You also need to add the unit entry and exit point, this is where a unit will exit the building after it is created or when you ungarrison it, and it is also the point where the unit will enter the building when you garrison it inside. All these parameters are changed from the buildings .MD file. For instructions on the .MD file functions and parameters and editing them please go go the MD file section. 

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Under statistics tab Image refers to the size of the image

Pixel refers to coordinates where your mouse pointer is on the image (this is useful for assigning smoke, fire, born points etc.)

Block refers to which block/tile you are currently on e.g. 16x21 16 is 16 blocks across and 21 is 21 blocks down.


The Locks tab refers to each different function of the MD file such as born points, smoke points etc.

Lock bar refers to the block points, this is so that a unit can't walk through the building it has to go around it.

Build lock bar refers to the build points, this is where the peasants will stand when they construct a building.

Explosion 1, 2, 3, refers to the position the explosions happen when the building blows up

The  Paths tab refers to the entry and exit path that a unit will walk when it enters or leaves the building.

The Fire tab refers to the points on the building that will show the fire animation when the building is damaged.

The Smoke tab refers to the points on the building that will show the smoke animation when the building is damaged.

How to use MD PiX
It is very simple to use, to open a .BMP file click the "Load Bitmap" button in the right tab. Now just select one of the options from the right tab, you then use your mouse pointer to select the blocks/tiles which you wish the effects to appear.

Block points you just select the entire building

Entry/Exit (In/Out) paths you just drag you mouse where you want a unit to enter or exit the building.

Fire/smoke points you just click on a section of the building you wish the fire or smoke to appear from.

When you have made your selections, just click the "Export String" button in the right tab, this will copy the coordinates/blocks, you can now simply paste them into the buildings .MD file under each of the functions (smoke, fire, block points etc.) for more information on the .MD file functions and parameters and editing them please go go the MD file section. 


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